Following the purchase of your vehicle, we are pleased to welcome you to the Dealer Care Extended Guarantee. The Guarantee is administrated on behalf of the selling dealer by AA Warranty.

Extended Guarantee – as well as explaining the things you must do to keep the Guarantee valid, such as having your vehicle correctly maintained and serviced. If you have any questions on the contents, please contact the selling dealer or our  customer services team on 03300 555 242 who will be happy to help.

What is the Dealer Care Extended Guarantee?

The selling dealer has certain responsibilities under The Consumer Rights Act 2015 to deliver your new vehicle as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. The aim of the Guarantee is to give you the opportunity to extend the dealers guarantee to help protect you against the cost of faults that may develop after delivery of your vehicle. The Dealer Guarantee is administered on behalf
of the selling dealer by AA Warranty, Warranty House, Savile Street East, Don Valley, Sheffield, S4 7UQ.

What are your entitlements under the Dealer Care Extended Guarantee?

Your vehicle will have undergone a pre delivery inspection to ensure it reaches you in the best possible condition, however no matter how well the vehicle is prepared, things can go wrong. The Dealer Care Extended Guarantee sets ut to protect you against the cost of repairs resulting from the failure of the components specifically listed in this document. The duration of the Guarantee and claim limit will be detailed on the schedule issued to you by the selling dealer.

Definition of Mechanical or Electrical Failure

The definition of Mechanical Failure shall mean, the sudden failure of a component arising from any permanent mechanical or electrical defect, (for a reason other than wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence). The Guarantee will not meet the cost of routine servicing and maintenance, adjustments or components failing as a result of normal wear and tear.

If you need to make a claim

If you suspect that you have a fault, which may be included under the Guarantee, you should in the first instance contact the selling
dealer to arrange for the vehicle to be examined. Alternatively, where it is not possible for you to return the vehicle to the selling
dealer, please telephone AA Warranty on 03300 555 250 who will advise you of the correct procedure to follow. AA Warranty operates a nationwide network of nominated repairers who are fully conversant with our repair procedures and we reserve the right to use these repairers at our option to carry out repairs to your vehicle. No repairs may commence until authorised by AA Warranty and a claims authority number has been issued to you.

Wear and Tear

No claim will be rejected on the grounds of wear and tear where the vehicle has covered less than 60,000 miles and is under 5 years old at the time of the claim.

Caring for your vehicle

The Dealer Guarantee will not meet the cost of repairs attributable to or caused by lack of routine or regular maintenance and or service. It is the Guarantee holder’s responsibility to ensure that the Vehicle is maintained in a legal and roadworthy condition at all times (preferably by following the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule). You should retain service invoices as these may
be required for validation purposes.

AA Warranty Cost